Similarities Between Tintoretto And The Last Supper

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In the painting 'The Last Supper', by Nicolas Poussin 1640-1649, there are many similarities and differences in comparison to 'The Last Supper', by Jacopo Tintoretto 1592-1594. Nicolas Poussin was a French Baroque painter and Jacopo Tintoretto was an Italian Renaissance painter. These two paintings were painted about fifty years apart, both representing an important event that occurred in the Christian religion. 'The Last Supper' is the last dinner Jesus had with his disciples the night before his death. Poussin and Tintoretto use light and dark colors to create an intense and dramatic scene. In Tintoretto's painting, he finished in the style of Mannerism, while Poussin's painting was created in the style of Classicism. I believe both artists
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