Similarities Between To Coy His Mistress And My Last Duchess

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The speakers in the two poems; “To Coy His Mistress” and “My Last Duchess”, were flawed due to the ignorance of their view of women; given that all they believe is that women are on earth to please every man’s need, which is mainly sex. The similarities, and differences, between the two speakers of the two poems, show the real intentions of the speakers have towards the women in the two poems. The speakers in the poem had one belief about women, they are only meant to make men happy and feel good. The imagery used in “To Coy His Mistress” helps create a better mental picture of what the speaker wanted from the woman. The speaker persistently tries to persuade the woman in the poem to have a sexual moment with him because his feels that since…show more content…
During the poem “To Coy His Mistress”, the speaker’s intentions for the woman clearly show that all he feels he has earned her love given how much he stated that he loves the woman. The main object in “My Last Duchess” is the painting. The speaker obviously loves the painting more than he does the actual woman. He probably does so, because the painting can give him all he wants. The painting can stay loyal and not go around flirting with other men; which the real woman did. However, the main object in “To Coy His Mistress” is something a little more real: sex. The speaker hopes that in the end he will have persuaded his lover to have sex with him because he’s earned it. After reading the poem “My Last Duchess”, it is clear that the speaker has no true feelings towards the woman in the poem. In fact, his feelings are directed towards the painting. While in the poem “To Coy His Mistress”, the speaker does love his lover, his feelings just might not be genuine. Although he states how deep his love is for her, his main goal is to have
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