Similarities Between Tom And Jay In The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald has many characters that are similar and difference in a number of ways. Fitzgerald gives a detail description of the characters in the story, but a reader’s interest level will peak when comparing the similarities and differences between Tom Buchanan and Jay Gatsby. Tom Buchanan is a rich man. Tom’s mansion is “elaborate” with “sun-dials, brick walks and burning gardens” (Fitzgerald 9) Tom is married to Daisy Buchanan and he was a football player. Likewise, Jay Gatsby is also a rich man even though he grew up poor. Jay’s mansion has “marble steps” with “jonquils” in the garden (Fitzgerald 97). One can make a connection that Tom and Jay is in love with Daisy Buchanan. Similarly, both men exhibited their…show more content…
Jay is in the bootlegging business. Tom is in the auto sales business. The surface of the two men many seem similar, but when one digs deeper into the men’s personalities and morals, they are different in many ways. The geographical background between the two are different. Tom lives in East Egg, while Jay lives in West Egg. In addition Tom and Jay have different relationships statuses. Tom is married and Jay is single. Tom and Jay are different due to the fact that Tom has a child, while Jay doesn’t have children. Jay Gatsby has a military background, he serviced in The Great War in 1917. Jay was an officer in the army. Tom does not have a military background. One can make the point that Tom is a racists. Tom wanted to “look out” for the white race (Fitzgerald 15). Also Tom and Jay are different due to the fact that Tom is a legitimate business man, while Jay allocated with illegal dealings. In addition Tom and Jay are different due to the fact that Tom inherited all of his money, while Jay build his wealth. Furthermore Tom was a high school football player, and was considered “the most powerful ends” at New Haven, while Jay was not (Fitzgerald
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