Similarities Between Victor And Frankenstein

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Many high school students are instantaneously judged by their appearances on a daily basis, but is this truly fair? More often than not, students are abhorred by peers and are not given the chance to let their personality shine through. The creature in Frankenstein by Mary Shelley would undoubtedly support this injustice to mankind, as he himself is not a sight for sore eyes. Throughout the novel, the tone of both characters start out light and full of hope, while towards the end it becomes dark and miserable. This reflects upon Victor and his creature, as both of them result in total suffering and complete alienation from the world. They both create biblical allusions that relate directly to their own lives. Victor’s tone when thinking about himself is entirely arrogant, while the monster is humble and continues to further degrade himself. Victor also does not own up to his responsibilities like the creature does. Vengeance drove Victor to his deathbed while the creature knew when to put a stop to it. Despite the similarities and differences between the two, Victor is undeniably the bigger monster compared to the creature. Victor is confident that his creation will be the best invention the world has yet to see. Thinking nothing could go wrong, he was “destined for some great enterprise” because of his knowledgeable breakthrough of life. Upon being created, the creature is joyous with “feelings of happiness and affection.” Before society has the chance to
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