Similarities Between Victor And The Monster In Frankenstein

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Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein, shows how a character who is portrayed as a tragic hero, in the beginning, can become the monster in the end. Victor and the Monster in Mary Shelley’s captivating novel showed how rival enemies share striking similarities. The similarities between the two tragic characters are driven by their dreary isolation from the secluded world. A large difference is that they were both raised in two completely different environments but understood the meaning of isolation. Physical differences are more noticeable rather than their personalities. At first, Victor is horrified by his creation but eventually becomes more and more like it. With a desire to destroy each other both are left alone to come up with a plan of revenge since they took each other's most prized possessions. Victor Frankenstein and the Monster that he creates are alike in ways he didn’t expect them to be. For example, Victor creates the Monster to be like himself. Anger is a trait that Victor and the Monster gain because it is brought up in the society around them. A parallel between Victor and the Monster is that they became recluses around the same time. One may believe they are more…show more content…
In the end it truly was the lack of love and care from a mother that initiated the similar feelings of loneliness and anger between both characters. Maybe it was the loneliness that drove both of them to become angry and strive for revenge, as we see Victor and his creation are despite the differences resemble fairly the same traits. Driven by the same desires and goals it feeds the want for pain and want for isolation from one another. Isolated by society, abandoned by their childhood figures, and driven by rage. They are extremely remorse and no one can understand Victor’s reasoning except for Frankenstein, whom of which was created by
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