Similarities Between Vinny And Joe-Boy

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Vinny and Joe-Boy are fifteen year old boys. Joe-Boy is not that nice to Vinny which shows that maybe they are not that good of friends. After reading the short story “The Ravine” I know that Vinny did not jump. The story does not say that, but I inferenced that he did not jump. They have many similarities. They also have many differences. Here are some of their similarities and differences. They have many differences and here are a few. Vinny would not tease Joe-boy when he was teasing Vinny. Joe-Boy jumped right in the water but Vinny was a chicken so he did not jump. Vinny was relieved that he did not jump even though Joe-Boy and his friends were mad. Then they walked away from Vinny when he did not jump. Vinny did not believe in the stone goddess at first but then Starlene said that the stone goddess took you when she was lonely. Now he did not know what to believe. Vinny did not want to be at the Ravine but he did not want to be a chicken in front of his friends.…show more content…
In the short story “The Ravine”, it says everyone except starlene are Hawaiian. Nobody thinks that the fifteen foot ledge is not a problem to anyone. Vinny and Joe-Boy are best friends. They both went to the Ravine on the same day, two weeks after Butchie died. They also both jumped of the 15 foot ledge. They all smelled the ginger from the ginger patch. Those are the similarities and differences of the short story the
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