Similarities Between War And Sorrow Of Sarajevo

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In the poems “War Photographer” by Carol Ann Duffy written in 1985, and “Sorrow of Sarajevo” by Goran Simic, written in 1994, there are many differences. The two poems are about war. In the poem Sorrow of Sarajevo we read about the feelings the author experienced when he was living in a place where there was war. In the poem “War Photographer” we come to know about the human conditions in war.
Poet of Sorrow of Sarajevo, Goran Simic spent his life writing about his experience with war. From years of living under the siege and witnessing certain horrors of war, he wrote a poem; Sorrow of Sarajevo. The poem describes the aftermath of the siege of Sarajevo. It also reflects the horror and the death that he has personally seen and felt. Carol Ann Duffy, a poet, wrote a piece about the experiences of war but not from a direct perspective. Unlike Goran Simic, Duffy did not write her poem from personal experience, but instead she was inspired by the friendship she had with a photographer. Duffy was amazed by the challenge that photographers faced when photographing and recording horrific events without having the ability to assist their subjects.
Each of the poems has its own structure and rhythm, for example, in ‘Sorrow of Sarajevo; it shows a man in the middle of a warzone with dead bodies surrounding him. The structure of the poem is short, as it has only 17 lines with 4 stanzas. This structure provides a sense of rising tension and violence throughout the poem as it provides a
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