Similarities Between Western Parenting And Western Parenting

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Compare contrast (Asian Parenting and Western Parenting) Nowadays, in society if one was to take a look into the lives of a typically family one would see many different scenarios. The question that the people seem to ask is what makes a perfect family unit? Many believe that the style of parenting has a lot to do with how a child develops and interacts with society, it is apparent that a parenting style can influence a child’s behavior. Parenthood is a privilege but is also a great responsibility. How parents act in child rearing is called parenting styles and geographically speaking there is a wide variety of styles practiced. The most controversial styles are the ones adopted by the Asian and the Western cultures in the world. Two of the widely known parenting styles are authoritarian and passive styles. The Asian parenting and Western parenting have the similarity of bias to one’s own style but a couple ways they vary are the parents’ restrictions on the academic achievement and individuality matters. First, the similarity between the Asian parenting and Western parenting is the bias to one’s own style. The parents believe that they are correct in the ways they are raising their children are going to be similar in both categories. Few parents will admit that styles of parenting is wrong so, they are going to either have a bias or not be open to critical analysis of their current parenting methods. This does not mean that one style is particularly better than the
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