Similarities Between Wilfred Owen And Edward Thomas

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World War One was nothing like the roaring twenties that followed close behind. This war may not have taken place on the great soil of the United States, but it did affect everyone all over the world. The war especially had an enormous effect on those who lived on the fighting soil, but mainly those who served in the war and lived to tell about it. Wilfred Owen and Edward Thomas are only two of the several World War One poets who expressed their experiences through their poetry. Although the reader of their poetry can distinguish several differences between the two poets, one will also notice that they both also shared similarities within their poetry. Wilfred Owen and Edward Thomas lived through one of the most historic and tragic events in history, and they produced poetry that portrayed hope and the real-life encounters of war, therefore; leaving their mark in history. On the third of March 1878, Edward Thomas was born in Lambeth, London. Thomas was the eldest of six boys to welsh parents. Thomas loved the outdoors due to the vastly beautiful landscapes he was raised on. Later on in his years after marring a critics daughter, Helen Bernice Nobel, Thomas graduated from Lincoln College with a degree in history. Thomas’ father pleaded for his son to study for the civil service examination as he had wanted him to enter the same field he had, but Thomas had no interest and only desired to write. When World War One began, Thomas’ dear friend Robert Frost encouraged him to
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