Similarities Between Wilfred Owen And Siegfried Sassoon

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The Great War During the 18th century, World War One took place because of the assassination of the archduke of Austria-Hungary, Franz Ferdinand. World War One, also known as the Great War, was one of the greatest wars in the United States history. With it being one of the greatest wars helped inspired a lot of poets to write about it such as Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sassoon. Wilfred Owen, the oldest of four children born into rapid success, was born on March 18, 1893 and died November 4, 1918. Owens only published five poems about World War One in his lifetime, but he wrote some of the best British poetry ( He attended Shrewsbury Technical School, shortly after he try to win a scholarship at London University, but he was unsuccessful. While he decides whether he wanted to commit himself with further training as a clergyman; he agreed to aid the poor and sick. During his spare time, he started to read and write poetry. Although Owen only published five books in his lifetime, in 1919 seven more of his poems appeared in the Edith Sitwell annual anthology edited by Siegfried Sassoon. Siegfried Sassoon was born on September 8, 1886 and died on September 1, 1967. In 1917, Sassoon was hospitalized, while he was recovering he wrote the War Poems of Siegfried Sassoon with 64 war poems included. He is remembered from his World War One angry and compassionate poems ( He was interested in poetry and fox hunting. Shortly after the war he
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