Similarities Between Willy Loman And Allaparthi

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Loman vs Allaparthi: Opportunities Towards Success Despite the fact that my parents starkly differ from the Loman family in terms of our beliefs of achievement, they seem to embody Willy Loman’s desire for opportunities based on the multiple times my family has moved. Willy views achievement in a materialistic sense, one that involves him chasing after the idea of being able to secure wealth and establish a reputation through being a salesman. He was inspired by Dave Singleman to continue his efforts in the sale industry as he believed that nothing “could be more satisfying than to be able to go, at the age of eighty-four, into twenty or thirty different cities…. and be remembered and loved…” (Miller 81). Willy placed Singleman on a pedestal…show more content…
He wanted to be able to use his money to project himself around the world, while my parents yearned for further professional training, which culminated into many moves to new homes, as we moved from India, then the United Kingdom, and finally to America. While Willy chased after wealth to validate his status among his peers, my parents ventured after the possibility of being able to gain knowledge. In fact, the main reason behind my parents wanting to move to Lexington, MA was because my dad was offered a job at Lahey Clinic in Burlington as a gastroenterologist. Despite the fact my dad already had a stable job in Westborough, MA as a internal medicine specialist, he was fascinated by the field of gastroenterology, and decided to fulfill his dream of pursuing a specialty in the field of medicine. Death of a Salesman belongs in the American canon as the theme of success helps families connect with the common basis of wanting their children to acquire achievements. To Willy, success is heavily represented by his brother Ben, who “walked into the jungle” at the age of seventeen and “walked out” at the age of twenty one (52). With this unconventional sense of prosperity, Willy seems to develop the idea that it is possible to achieve
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