Similarities Between Winthrop And Sewall

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Jon Winthrop and Samuel Sewall are well known for their historic accomplishments, for their writings, and for their sermons. Although they were both writers and preachers, neither of them lived in the same era of time. Within their writings, they name and elaborate their text, offer objections, provide biblical knowledge, and give the readers various languages behind the words that they use within their sermons. Beginning with Jon Winthrop, he preached his sermon in 1629, either before or during his voyage to the new land, according to his biography in the Norton Anthology American Literature book. He was a well known “New Light” preacher with great knowledge of scripture and use of metaphors to grab the audience’s attention. On the contrary, Samuel Sewall preached his sermon in 1700. He also was was well known, but was known to be one of the judges in the Salem Witch trials in 1692. Eight years later, he preached a sermon on slavery and used Latin quotations, biblical references, and the story of Joseph within the Bible to defend his beliefs. He also named his text, elaborated on it, and offered refutation for those who had questions concerning his beliefs. Almost exactly like Sewall’s structured sermon, Winthrop named his text, elaborated on it, offered plenty of refutation, and referenced biblical scripture.…show more content…
They also offered refutation to the public. Within Winthrop’s sermon, he taught about three main topics of refutation: giving, lending, and forgiving. The questions that were asked in his sermon were answered with knowledgeable support of biblical references towards his beliefs about the three topics. Sewall, on the other hand, offered refutation concerning Africans, biblical context concerning slavery, and war. In the same way, all objections were answered with knowledgeable support of the Bible, both within the Old Testament and the New
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