Similarities Between Zamzee And Foursquare

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Braxton Whited Whited 1 Dr.Cobb ELA-Writing 12 2 16 Have you ever heard of either of these companies Zamzee or Foursquare? In this passage you will learn about how these companies turn everyday things into fun games to where you can win prizes. Zamzee’s program is way more exciting because of the gifts that they offer to you. However, Foursquare has a pretty cool gift, but would you want to be the virtual ruler of a certain place of get free prizes like gift cards, electronics, etc. Everyone wants a free gift card of a free phone or ipod and ZamZee gives them that opportunity to have one of them. They are both great ideas to attract customers neither one isn’t a bad idea it 's just one is better than the other. They both have different

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