Similarities Between Zombies And Vampires

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When one compares two monsters such as a zombie and a vampire it is easy to see the differences between them. Zombies and vampires have more differences than they do similarities. With one being a walking corpse only seeking the consumption of flesh, and the other being a blood sucking un-dead creature with some human qualities. These monsters also represent specific fears that people have, and in return make the people of today so much more drawn to these movies. People like things they can relate to, and people can easily relate to a zombie. Even though many people love both of these monsters, more people like zombies because they are easier to relate to. When someone thinks of a zombie they picture a walking corpse that cannot speak or think on its own. Zombies are typically viewed as monsters only looking to consume flesh. There is not much to a zombie, when one starts to add to a zombie it starts to humanize them and making them less like a…show more content…
Anyone today has probably seen at least one zombie movie or television show, and knows how to kill the zombie. The character will shoot it in the head and keep going until either they are all the zombies are gone or they are dead. This concept can be related back to modern life, which is another reason people love zombies they love to see something that they can relate to. In the movies the zombies never seem to stop coming, which can be related to many things that go on in people’s lives. In Klosterman’s article he compares killing zombies to deleting emails saying that “the zombies will never stop coming” and that “the principle downside to life is that you will never be finished with what you do”. That is why people can relate to the characters on a television show, because they reflect the same anxieties they have. People see the character fighting the seemingly never ending zombies, and they can relate it to the things that they see as never
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