Similarities In Frankenstein's Frankenstein Vs. Jekyll And Hyde

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In 19th century literature, writers explore the creation of new identities in regards to the societies they are writing in. The growth of scientific knowledge in the 1800s caused various discoveries to occur, presenting the events of the three novels as plausible occurrences. Frankenstein is shown to create the Creature due to his obsession with knowledge. Similarly, Jekyll creates Hyde due to scientific interest. Dantès is shown to create his identities, not due to the growth of science, but in order to become part of the development of culture in France after the events of the Revolutionary Wars. Creators are shown to have brought their creations into existence due to these progressions of science and culture, which displays the construction of new identities as an almost inevitable occurrence in society. The exploration of self, mankind’s need to feel in control, and desire for justice are displayed as natural urges and therefore the events in the novels are shown to be, albeit exaggerated, universal truths. ‘Frankenstein’ for instance, quickly became a myth as it drew on the tale of Prometheus, whilst ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ helped fuel theories about Jack the Ripper. Dantès in ‘Monte Cristo’ represents humankind as a whole as his desire for revenge is displayed as something held by all humans in their psyche. Despite this, each of the characters is shown to be constrained by the societies they live in aas all are unable to fully act on their desires.

Each of the main
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