The Killer And Good Country People Analysis

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The Killers and Good Country People The stories of The Killers and Good Country People happened in the 20th century in America, and there are many differences and similarities between Kurdistan in 2015. The first story The Killers is about two men, who arrive to a lunch room in order to murder a man, Ole Anderson, who they never met. All the workers in the lunch room got scared by the way the two men acted because they were rude and ate in a horrible way. The second story Good Country People is about a woman, Mrs. Hopewell, and her daughter, who named Joy living a luxuries life. The daughter is well educated, and she lost one of her legs in an accident. Joy thinks that all people are stupid, but she gets fooled by a man, who likes to steal…show more content…
According to Good Country People, “The reason for her keeping them so long was that they were not trash.” In the 20th century, there were two category of poor people trash and good country people. The trash groups were not hired for any jobs, and they were not seen as human with rights, but the good country people were hired for jobs and they were treated better. Nevertheless, the condition in Kurdistan is different, and people are treated equally. There is not any class division. There is not rich classes, and poor classes. For instance, at AUIS, rich people and poor people study in it without any differences between them. Another example is that getting jobs, in Kurdistan jobs are not only for rich people, but poor people also work in high position in government. There are many ministers who come from normal families, and they still were hired in high…show more content…
According to Good Country People, “The girl has taken a Ph. D in philosophy and this left Mrs. Hopewell at a complete loss.” This shows that Mrs. Hopewell is not happy with her daughter’s degree, and she only thinks that girls should go to school and universities just to get marry and have good times. However, Joy does not agree with her mom, and thinks that everyone is stupid except her because she is well educated, and she does not like country people. She lives with her mom because of her illness, and if it was not like that, she would have been lecturing in big universities. Joy thinks that education is more important that marriage that is why she always disagree with her mom. The situation is the same in Kurdistan, and parents are always proud of what their sons have accomplished, but they do not have the same feelings toward their daughters. There are still parents who forbid their daughters from getting education, and they think that women should be subordinated to men. For example, there are many people when they have girls, they say that they feel ashamed, and they do not let their daughters to go to school, and their mothers cannot have any saying because they are women. In Kurdistan, there are girls who always struggle with their families for their education rights, and sometimes being forced to get marry, or get killed because
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