Similarities In The Necklace

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Compare and Contrast Essay Throughout the story " The Necklace" by Guy de Maupassant a woman named Mathilde and a man named Losiel were a very poor and unfortunate couple. Although they were not the most wealthy, Mathilde still wanted all of the riches she could possibly imagine. On the other hand Losiel knew where he stood and was grateful for what he had. One day Loisel came home and gave Mathilde an invitation to attend a ball but, to Losiels surprise she was very displeased for she had nothing to wear. In the end Mathilde borrows a necklace from a rich friend but, loses it. The couple then sacrificed their lives to repay her friend even though, to their surprise the necklace wasn't worth as much. In the…show more content…
A important similarity between the two was their outlook and perspective on their lives. For example in The Necklace on page 1 paragraph 3 it says, " When she sat down for dinner at the round table covered with three-days old table cloth, opposite her husband, who took the cover off the soup-tureen, exclaiming delightedly: " Aha! Scotch broth! What could be better?" she imagined delicate meals, gleaming silver and tapestries." This shows how Loisel keeps a positive attitude even in the hard times and is grateful for what he has. Another example of this is in The Gift of the Magi throughout this story on page 5 paragraph 5 Jim says, " I want you to understand me, Dell, he said. Nothing like a haircut could make me love you any less. But if you'll open that, you may know what I felt when I came in". When Jim said this it showed that he was upset but, he was still understanding and stayed calm in a hard situation. In conclusion there were many similarities concerning the couples struggles and accomplishments but, there are as many differences then there are
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