Similarities In The Seamstress

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Is it possible for strangers to have similarities? Every single person shares a similar experience with another person, but it is not always the same. In the novel The Seamstress, Sara Tuvel, a young Jewish girl who has lived through the holocaust, tries to conquer the struggles in her life. Although I never lived through anything like the holocaust I can relate to her in some ways. Sara and I share similarities in that we were both caretakers and have experienced discrimination, however, Sara is more assertive while I am more introverted. Nonetheless, it is our experiences that demonstrate that we are all connected to each other in one way or another. First of all, one of the similarities that Sara and I have is that we were both put in the position of taking care of our families. For Sara was very caring for her family. While her father was in prison, Sara took on the role of head of the family. She tried her best to take care of her mother and…show more content…
For instance, Sara is more assertive than I. She dedicated herself to become a seamstress at a young age and went to study at a gymnasium in France even though both went against the traditional roles of women. I, on the other hand, am usually passive when it comes to taking charge. In a way, if there is ever a chance for me to take on a challenge that could end up benefiting me, I would be hesitant to act. For example, I had a chance take all honor classes when I first moved to a new school but my cautious nature took over and I lost that chance to achieve more that year. Mine and Sara’s personality are different by how we approach situations and make decisions. Nevertheless, the connection that Sara and I have is more of a companionship. Mine and Sara’s hardships in discrimination and taking care of our family bonds us but it is our unique personalities that set us apart. Nonetheless, this unity is shared with everyone so no one is ever
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