Similarities Of Creation Stories

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What if creation stories of contrary cultures share the similar aspects? In the world, there are at least more than two thousand cultures; among the diverse cultures, major cultures or religions create their own creation myth. Creation myth stories give rise to people’s beliefs. Even though each cultures in the world differ from each other, creation myth stories illustrate similarities. There are many similarities that creation stories share; among them, most creation myths contain the existence of an absolute being, the theme of birth, and the concept of time. In most creation myths, an absolute being or beings appear and create creatures. In the Creation, which is Christian creation story, Elohim, God, is indicated as a supreme being. In the preface of the Creation, the author states, “In the beginning, Elohim, God, created the heavens and the earth.” In addition, the creation story asserts that Elohim, a creator of all creatures in the world, creates them by saying words and commanding. Due to Christian beliefs, Elohim is the only god and a creator, so in the creation story, the idea of a supreme being is utilized to demonstrate Elohim as the only god. Another creation myth that is really contrary to the Christian one also applies the concept of a supreme being. In the Chinese creation story, Pan Gu and Nü Wa are indicated as the absolutes. According to the myth, Pan Gu is a giant who created the earth’s natural environment and separated heaven from the earth; in
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