Similarities Of Heracles And Theseus

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Many readers often have a different opinion upon what makes a great hero. The hero Heracles, and Theseus are two classic myths read by readers around the whole school. The myth of Heracles distinguishes a boy who kills monsters/serpents to protect himself in a young age. However, the myth of Theseus distinguishes the life of an ordinary boy, who tries every day to push a rock to discover the rightful identity of his father. While reading the myth of Heracles, and Theseus we can clearly identify the differences between the two myths. When comparing these two myths, it is clear that Heracles is better than Theseus because he kills monsters/serpents when he was the age of 8 months, he stayed loyal to everyone, and last he completed the 12 labours.

The first reason why Heracles is better than Theseus is because he killed monsters when he was very young. As an example, he was very powerful and strong even as a child. Furthermore, when Heracles is a baby, he”sat up and immediately set out to kill his enemy’s”(Rosenberg and Baker 217). The significance of this is when he was very young he was able to show how strong and courageous he was by killing the serpents. Furthermore, when he was able to do that his parents developed fear about the fact he was able to that when he was 8 months old. In addition, they were concerned about him in the future.(Rosenberg and Baker) However, Theseus goes on his quest as an adult. For example, he spent his youth trying to push the rock to reveal
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