Similarities Of Steve Jobs And Steve Jobs

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Steve Jobs, co-founder of the most valuable company in the world. Moses, one of the biggest influencer and leader in the Bible. These are two men that I have looked up to a lot in my life, and so have many others. These two men possess some of the finest leadership skills and qualities I have ever seen. Surprisingly, I find their two leadership styles very similar. They both were stubborn, ready to face any challenge, and most importantly were both men of character and integrity. To begin, I would like to analyze Steve Jobs leadership styles and qualities. Steve Jobs is quite possibly my biggest influencer in life, I have always admired his drive, passion, and willingness to not try, but do the impossible. Steve was a focused leader, with absolutely no fear and believed in anything and everything he was doing. Steve was known for his stubbornness, inability to compromise and strive for perfection. These were his greatest strengths in my opinion. Steve drove people to do things that they had no idea could be done. A classic example is when the first iPhone was being produced, Jobs wanted the display to be made of glass, and be a capacitive touchscreen instead of resistive, which had never been done on a smartphone. Additionally, even to extend this crazy wish, he wanted the glass to be durable, nearly scratch proof. He meets with Wendell Weeks, CEO of Corning, and tells him he wants his new Gorilla Glass on every iPhone, and to be ready in six months. Weeks
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