Ordinary Remember Analysis

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Similarity of Life Review to Ordinary Remembering Life review and ordinary remembering are often lumped together as one. They both bring back past good and bad memories. Ordinary remembering is casual way of thinking of old memories. If the memories are pleasant and good, they are often labeled as “golden years”. Life review is a structured, formal and comprehensive way of remembering past memories. Life review is often conducted by psychologists, psychotherapists and other trained professionals. They include detail review of major event and past memories in person's life that help person go through past conflicts and regrets. Both life review and remembering bring backs both the happy and sad memories that draw and affects feelings of…show more content…
R.A.M is in the 8th stage of Erikson developmental stage, Integrity vs Despair. According to McLeod (2017), Erikson believed that if a person sees their life as a failure and fell remorse about the past and have a sense of no achievement/accomplishment, tend to become frustrated with life and develop despair which lead to depression, unhappiness, and sadness. Attainment in this stage, give the person sense of accomplishment, completeness, and also have no fear dying. Based on the interview, Mr. R.A.M is very happy, satisfied, content, and simply enjoys his life. Mr. R.A.M feels a great sense of gratification of his accomplishments in life and agrees death as an inevitable reality. He looks forward to death with open arms and believes it will take him to his ultimate goal of being one with his creator. The most significant thing that I got from this interview is that Mr. R.A.M always reflected life in a positive manner. Mr. R.A.M accepted responsibilities for the past and was able to correct his mistakes in a timely manner. During the interview, Mr. R.A.M stated, “I have learned from my failures. We all made mistakes, but to learn from these mistakes and take it in a positive experience is life changing”. According to McKee (2012), Erikson states that the person who approaches death without fear has the forte called wisdom. He also states that healthy children will not have any fear in life if they see their elders show acceptances about the death and show no fear about dying. I believe we all should try to live our life to our fullest and work to find integrity within ourselves. As a result, we are prepared to accept our death with open arms and no regrets in
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