Simile And Metaphor In Shakespeare Sonnets Essay

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The Using of Simile and Metaphor in Shakespeare Sonnets
(Scope of Study: Sonnet 73, 116, and 130)

Introduction Shakespeare wrote 154 sonnets whose themes are focused on homosexuality between Shakespeare and one young man. These can be divided four parts. The poems which Shakespeare recommends that one young man gets married soon (sonnets 1-17), the poems which Shakespeare expresses his love for one young man (sonnets 18-126), the poems which Shakespeare expresses about a lady who is called “Dark lady” (sonnets 127-152), then the finale (sonnets 153-154).

1. Sonnet 73
The sonnet 73 which Shakespeare implies a poet’s death, he compare the twilight of his life to winter. He expresses that a poet is about to enter end of life, so even you see it, please do not be upset. However, this sonnet is written in about 1600 and in that time, Shakespeare was 38 years old. It is too early to say the end of life. This might be his rhetoric to express both strength and weakness of love.

2. Sonnet 116 Shakespeare expresses about the eternal love again including this sonnet. The eternal love means that at first, love makes someone exciting, then sometimes love is betrayed, and finally, love becomes something unshakeable. This sonnet is accepted as a song in praise of life, and emphasized in Shakespeare sonnets.

3. Sonnet 130 In Shakespeare period, many people compared their boyfriend or girlfriend to the glory of nature like sun and beautiful flowers. However he didn’t do that. He
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