Similes In Kate Chopin's The Story Of An Hour

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Kate Chopin is an American Author from louisiana. She is known for her vast amount of short stories and novels. One of her most famous short stories is “The Story of an Hour”. Kate Chopin wrote this short story based upon the women from the 1800’s and how they were stuck in an unhappy marriage and getting a divorce was never really an option for them. The main idea of this short story is about the reflections of a women’s thoughts, Mrs. Mallard, after the announcement of her husband 's sudden death in an accident. This story connects to modern day issues because some women are actually being oppressed by their husband or significant other and feel a strong sense of freedom when they pass away. In this analysis there are four main literary devices that are used to illustrate the theme which are metaphors, irony, foreshadows, and similes. The theme that kate chopin used to idntfy the story line is a womens freedom. In this quote, “’Body and soul free!’”, Mrs. Mallard verbally recognizes her freedom now that her husband has died, and it is important to the story because it highlights her true feelings about her husband. Mrs. Mallard felt oppressed physically and spiritually by her husband to the point that his death has resulted in her freedom and happiness. It also highlights her optimism and ability to find a silver lining to the death of someone very special to her. Lastly, I thought this phrase was important to the story because it is whispered by Mrs. Mallard which
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