Similes In Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry

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In the book Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry, Mildred D. Taylor uses similes that have significance to the novel. Simile A is significant because it gives us a description and a thought of of how the road looked. It also could tell readers why maybe the Logans children were not able to see the bus coming in the morning. They compare the road to a lazy red serpent because serpents are long and curved. They are also snakes, and snakes usually send negative feelings to people because they are venomous and can kill you. The reader can infer that Mildred D. Taylor is trying to tell the reader that the road is not only long and curved like a snake but, it separates the two lands of Mr. Granger and the Logans. If they are cross the road to Mr. Granger’s
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