The Great Game Of Life (GGOL)

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Simmon Case Study
The Great Game of Life (GGOL) refers to an efficient change program whose main objective is to assist people to grow for them to make better life choices. The module’s aim is to teach the employees on the means of attaining their full potential both on an individual level and collectively as a team (Goncalves, 2006). The procedure is important for any organization since it encourages team building exercises and coordination within the work environment in tackling problems. It also allows the workers to participate in fun activities and at the same time learn a thing or two about running an enterprise effectively. Simmons should implement the Great Game of Life (GGOL) program because it results in a lot of benefits that
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It will enlighten them on the importance of teamwork and building good relations in the work environment. Furthermore, it will promote good communication skills and boost the morale among the workers hence building a great team of individuals. The system will also influence the attitude of customers towards the company thus a rise in sales. A good working setup will ensure that the clients get good products and services. Lastly, the new culture will change how the personnel feels about the managers and the workplace thus encouraging them to continue working for the…show more content…
The plan is easy to adopt in any organization as it emphasizes on initiating change within an individual before changing the entire work setting. There should be effective steps to implement the adjustments in the institution and means to handle the stress that could be as a result of those changes. The Great Game of Life is a good means to solve resistances to modifications in the working environment, but without improvement the program will lead to many more complications in the company. To overcome the forces that resist change, a firm should consider educating, communicating, involving the employees in decision-making processes, and promoting good relationship in the workplace. GGOL is a very great program, and if effectively used the program might help in transforming an organization from a poor working environment into a world class
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