Simmon Case Study: The Great Game Of Life

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Simmon Case Study The Great Game of Life (GGOL) refers to an efficient change program whose main objective is to assist people to grow for them to make better life choices. The module’s aim is to teach the employees on the means of attaining their full potential both on an individual level and collectively as a team (Goncalves, 2006). The procedure is important for any organization since it encourages team building exercises and coordination within the work environment in tackling problems. It also allows the workers to participate in fun activities and at the same time learn a thing or two about running an enterprise effectively. Simmons should implement the Great Game of Life (GGOL) program because it results in a lot of benefits that…show more content…
It is very important for any corporation embracing the GGOL program to design steps that would ensure it is implemented successfully. The first phase would be creating a sense of urgency for change among the workers and the managers. The idea of transformation would be instilled in the directors then the rest of the employees. The change can only be brought by engaging the staff in an open conversation. Each section, the managerial and employees, would be enlightened on the need for the change. The conversation would not be one sided, and their views and opinions would be welcomed. The engagement should clearly show the vision of the organization as a result of accepting the strategy. After showing them the vision and the steps to be taken for its realization, it is then important to identify the obstacles that would hinder the successful implementation of the plan and how to remove those obstacles. If it is an individual who is hindering the implementation, he or she should be persuaded…show more content…
Drastic changes might become stressful affecting the operations of a business in many ways. Emotional elements will affect the employees and their performance rate at work. Therefore, it is important to devise mechanisms to deal with the tension so that the company can continue running smoothly. For instance, the pressure can be dealt with by organizing counseling sessions led by a professional counselor. The therapy meetings will provide a platform for the staff to express what they feel about the transformation and how the change might affect them in the long run. They can then be advised accordingly in handling it. Another way of controlling the sentimental issues is by having team building exercises, where the workers meet to perform various indoor or field activities. The exercises will involve everyone including those experiencing stress. Therefore, they will get an opportunity to engage in talks with other employees who have handled the change, and they can obtain ideas on managing the modifications

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