Simon And Ralph In Lord Of The Flies

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What would one do if they were one of the two good people on an island with no adults? Watch a killing and end up fighting for their life, waiting for rescue? Or be the one killed, trying to save the others? Ralph and Simon are the ones that want to maintain order with the group on the island. They are both good characters, in Lord of the Flies, but in different ways. Ralph is elected the leader of the group of boys, and Simon is just a follower of Ralph. As the novel progresses, we see the difference between their motivations of goodness. Ralph was born a leader. Ralph behaves and acts according to moral guidelines. Ralph is capable of leadership, and accepts being a leader to the group. He strives from the start to create order among the boys and build a stable society on the island. However, we see that he shares the instinct of savagery and violence that Jack and his tribe embrace after hunting a stray pig. “Ralph was full of fright and apprehension and pride.” (Golding 113). He does not appear to be the better man while witnessing the killing of Simon. “You were outside. Outside the circle. You never really came in. Didn’t you see what we--what they did?” (Golding 157). He is…show more content…
Both work to establish and maintain order and harmony with the rest of the group, and they are kind and protective with their interactions with the littluns. Ralph wants to build shelters for them, and Simon feeds them. Simon is more of the better guy than Ralph. Simon was being murdered while Ralph watched. In the end, Simon and Ralph try to bring the boys out of savagery. Both, indeed, failed, but like what was said, Simon had to die in the process of it. Simon was the one who remained isolated from the savagery occurring on the island. Ralph, on the other hand, had his struggle with savagery. Unlike Simon, he found hunting exciting. We see that Simon out-rules Ralph, but what would one do in their
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