Simon Birch Movie Analysis

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In the movie SImon Birch there were many lessons you could have taken away. A lot of people took a lot of different views from the movie as well. It really all plays out in someone’s head in different ways depending on your belief for Christ. The way I took the movie is a miracle through Christ. There are three main lessons in the movie. These lessons are self-sacrifice, hidden miracles, and taking things for granted. I will explain why I feel like these were key take aways in the movie. Self-sacrifice is defined as giving up one’s own interest or wishes in order to help others or to advance a cause. In the movie, Simon was born into a family that didn’t want him because he was born with health difficulties. His parents do not care what he does due to the fact that he wasn’t even supposed to live longer than a week. He dedicates himself to Christ by going to church every Sunday. He goes knowing that he is welcomed by the Lord but not welcomed by the members of the church themselves. In church he feels obligated to speak out against the Father. They basically tell him that he is not welcome there. He tells the Father that he was put on the earth for a reason. Later in the book Simon finds out who Joe’s father really is. He goes to the Church Camp where Joe is to tell him;…show more content…
I have already talked about Simon being a walking miracle, but I haven’t talked about his relationship with Rebecca. Rebecca basically took on the responsibility of mothering Simon. She was a gift from God to Simon. She made him feel welcome in this world when everyone was yelling at him that he was a mistake. She also came to his rescue when the Sunday school lady was keeping him late. Another, miracle was when Simon got out of the bus and was rescued by Joe. Unfortunately, Simon died while Joe was in the room. I believe not only did Simon bring Joe and Ben closer, but made them realize life is too short to deny
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