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Simon, the Disciple “He was a small, skinny boy, his chin pointed, and his eyes so bright they had deceived Ralph into thinking him delightfully gay and wicked” (Golding, 55). Simon, a character in the “Lord of the Flies” is a “skinny vivid little boy” yet the boy is strong and stands up for he what believes is right. (FIX SENT.) That is just one of the many qualities this boy has. Simon is a very wise and philosophical type of boy. Quite simply, he uses his brain a lot more compared to most of the boys on the island. Despite his heightened intelligence, Simon is thoughtful, kind, and compassionate. Just like the disciple, Simon (Peter) in the Bible, Simon selflessly serves the boys around him and gives them comfort and advice. These soft…show more content…
Disciples preach what they learn from Christ’s example to others. Even though Simon didn’t really preach Christ-like things to the boys on the island, his example of service and kindness portrays discipleship. In the Bible, Simon (Peter) is a disciple of Christ. Simon was the chief apostle of his day and performed many miracles healing the sick and first opened the gospel to the Gentiles (Acts 10 &11). Furthermore, “The Lord of the Flies” Simon sort of prophesied to Ralph. For instance, he comforted worried Ralph by telling him, “I just think you’ll get back all right.” Simon didn’t suggest he himself would get back, but he did think Ralph would. “Some of the strain had gone from Ralph’s body,” (111). Simon also reminded Ralph of his rule for the boys. When Ralph was fretting about the boys wandering off and not finishing the hut construction, Simon poked in and said, “You’re chief. You tell them off,” (51). Simon is indeed Ralph’s helper in this book (Enotes: “Compare and contrast Ralph and Simon; both seem to be good characters). I think Golding is trying to make a point that just with one person they can make difference by their unique example. I think another point that made Simon different from the other boys was his meditation. That may seem a little out of the context, but I think his meditation benefitted him to stay…show more content…
Evening was advancing toward the island; the sounds of the bright fantastic birds, the bee-sounds, even the crying of the gulls that were returning to their roosts among the square rocks were fainter,” (57). These moments of meditation for Simon helped clear his mind and to refresh from the stress of the savage boys and being stuck on the island. According to (“8 Ways Meditation Can Improve Your Life”), benefits of meditation include improving concentration, increasing self – awareness, and also increases acceptance towards people. Simon demonstrated his concentration skills by getting the work such as building huts done and he was focused on his duty helping others. Self – awareness helped Simon realize that maybe the beast was in each one of the boys. He noticed how savage – like the boys acted and their actions were clearly not well thought through. Despite the crazy thoughts and actions of the boys, Simon still accepted them and treated them with respect. He defended what he thought was right, helped those who got pushed down, and gave comfort and reassurance to those that were in need of it. Further into the book, things start to move downhill for Simon. When Jack and the boys slayed the pig they put the head of it on a stick and left it as gift for the beast. During this time, Simon was observing their savage exercise with the pig and decided to stay back while the other boys ran off. This is

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