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Simon Stimson, 49, of Grover’s Corners, died September 27th 1910. Committed suicide in the attic of his house by hanging himself.

Simon was born in 1863 in Grover’s Corners. His parents were James Stimson and Jenna Stimson who had passed away when he was 24. As a child he did not have siblings. He did not hang out with out with other kids because he thought a different way and saw the world differently than most kids his age. Simon did not have a wife Throughout his life, he had the education that most Grover’s Corners citizens had. He started playing the organ and as he became an adult he continued playing, not going to college. He played the organ for the town’s choir and they played for most events that took place in Grover’s Corners.
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His grandparents, Scott and Jane, did not have any health problems and were successful local business people but died from disease at an old age of 82 and 83, they died on January 5th and August 17th of 1828. Simon’s uncle, Gregory, was young when he died, at 20, on December 24th 1870. His parents had the same problems as Simon, which unfortunately was part of his death. His parents died when he was 24, they died April 22nd 1887 on a trip in a flood. Simon did not have kids, or grandchildren, he didn’t have anyone as an adult, not siblings either. He had two cousins on his mother’s side but they weren’t born in Grover’s Corners and they travel the country.

The funeral service will be on December 1st 1910, Thursday morning, at 9:00 a.m. The local minister, Minister James, will be the officiant for the service. The pallbearers will be William, John, Robert, and Joseph. They are some of the men who work in the church. There will be a small reception right after, for all of whom chose to come to the service. If you were close to Simon, then you can come to the interment at 6:00 p.m. to pay your respects. The funeral home that held and set the service is Lister’s Funeral Home. If you have any questions call:
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