Simonetta Symbolism

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It is also seen as a symbol of the Medici family itself in that the circled serpent was the symbol of Lorenzo Medici thus tying her indefinitely to Giuliano. Immediately I find issue with this. First off, if the snake were there to symbolize her unfortunate passing at the fairly young age of twenty-three, why would she be exposed and wouldn’t there be more emphasis on the actual snake rather than it looking almost like a necklace especially since it is wrapped around a thin gold chain. No, this is more of a loose depiction of the story of Adam and Eve in which Simonetta is seen as Eve and the snake is the serpent in the age-old tale that tells her to eat the forbidden fruit from The Tree of Knowledge. Now if the Medici story were true and the serpent has no biblical significance and is in fact just a family symbol, then that means that she has been branded even in death. She has been made property and this branding has become so enduring, that she is still seen as his today. The eroticism in this painting is also evident with her fully displayed breasts which contrasts with her status in life especially as one involved with a member of the Medici family, one must have been of high status and class to be so closely tied with the family and the depiction of her here…show more content…
Sexual power in women is innate in that women are able to wield power because of the importance of procreation as well as in a carnal sense. This power is often controlled in a patriarchal society by regulations and societal ideals that enforce this; this painting is an example of this. Simonetta is seen with her breasts exposed and quite unlike the other paintings that I have analyzed, she does not have ownership of her sexuality. She is unable to be proud in her skin and this is not a nude that represents the woman in a positive
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