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I am working in a well-known company named 'Simonds Farsons Cisk p.l.c' founded in Malta in 1928. It is renowned both as a brewer of fine beers as well as producer of unique and innovative beverages. Moreover the company has five subsidiaries which are 'FBIC' - beverage importers, 'Quintano' - food importers, 'Food Chain' - restaurants, 'Eco Pure' - beverage services and 'Trident' - property management. This assignment will be assessing my own leadership capability and performance. Currently I am working in a finance department within Simonds Farsons Cisk p.l.c.
Section 1: Understand leadership styles within an organisation 1.1: Review the prevailing leadership styles in the organisation
From theoretical models perspective, there are four
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The leader has low task force and lower relationship focus because the employee has a high competence and high commitment. Moreover, the employee will be able and willing to do the work.
Within our organisation, the delegating leadership style is implemented in our Information Technology department. For example our sales department required a system to improve the way of working. Our sales representative will need to have the facility to make our customers` orders online on PDA with an updated stock list rather than written on a note book and need to make sure that we have available stock to satisfy the requirements of that client. Moreover the sales representative did not have the facility to know if that the particular client has any debts owing to the organisation. So, the sales leader delegated what is required to the IT manager and then the team members of IT will deliver the task requested by the sales
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These might be used for a better way of working and also to meet our customers' requirements effectively and efficiently. This will motivate our sales representative to attain the targets.
The delegating leadership style within the Information Technology department has an important role within the organisation. The team members of this department will have a good knowledge that they get from their experience and also will have the ability to create new ideas. They feel that their contribution are adding value to the organisation as well as efficiency, thus achieving the organisation performance.
In my opinion the directing leadership style within the distribution business unit is the most suitable style to adopt as already mentioned in the previous question. The attitude of our delivery persons is the first impression that our consumers take on our organisation. I believe that as an organisation we are able to deliver service levels that are recognised as being superior to those of our competitors. If the delivery persons are assisted through directing leadership style, they could understand better the importance of their role within the organisation as to achieve the values and performance of the company. Thus, our organisation will meet the existent customers satisfaction and might also attract potential
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