Simple Recipes Analysis

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Everybody Talked Loudly In Chinatown vs. Simple Recipes In Anne Jews ‘Everyone Talked Loudly in Chinatown’ and in Madeleine Thien ‘Simple Recipes’ Lin and the girls’ brother have a lot of similarities and differences. Both characters try to overcome obstacles, in their search for fulfillment, but still remained entrapped due to their own and their parents' judgemental views and them wanting to find access to the dominant culture. Both Lin and the brother hurdle through obstacles to find access to the dominant culture. Lin tries to get access to the dominant culture by dating Todd. “He still tastes faintly of popcorn under the flavour of the Certs. Just as I’m becoming used to the new sensation, he stops and kisses me on the lips and turns back to the movie. I can feel saliva clinging to the edge of my mouth and not wanting to wipe it away with…show more content…
Lin distances herself from her grandmother. “She finishes the soup, and we start on the rice in water. Some of it dribbles out of her mouth so I have to scrape it off her chin and spoon in back in like I’m feeding a baby. I feel disgusted and guilty and I don’t’ know why. I also feel guilty for not wanting to spend more with her.” Said by Lin describing what happens when she feeds her grandmother. Lins grandmother was her major access to her culture. Lin throughout the story tries to stay away from her grandmother. Spending time with her reminds Lin about her time in Chinatown. This is the reason why she does not want to spend time with her grandmother. The relationship between Lin and her grandmother is very important to the story. Lins grandmother is a symbolism of her access to her native culture. When Lins grandmother dies the culture also fades away with her. Thus, Lin losses her major access back into her culture. This is one of the obstacles that have been removed for Lin in her search to find
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