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Within every sport there is 4 types of skills used. They are the following; Simple, complex, open and closed. A simple skill are basic skills used in the sport and then a complex skill is a more challenging skill, for example in football you could say that trying to get around a defender using pace and skill is a complex skill. Then the other two types of skill are all about if there are any variables or not for success. An open skill is a skill in which other factors could affect your success such as other players on the pitch or a defender making a challenge, whereas a closed skill is a skill which is fully dependable on yourself as to whether you succeed
Association football
Skills used in Football can vary on difficulty depending
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This is because you can rely on anyone else and it is just you and the ball, no one else can interfere. Then a good example of an open skill in rugby would be trying to beat a man and get across the line to score a try. Because there is an additional variable which is the level of skill of the defender. If the defender is experienced or strong in a tackle you may have to use more skill to beat them. Then there is complex and simple skills. A good example of a complex skill would be scoring a conversion because it will depend on the positioning of the try and potential distance.
One of the main techniques used in rugby is the technique of making a good and strong tackle. This could be the difference between making a strong and clean tackle and possibly causing an injury themselves or perhaps there opponents. This is why techniques must be taught properly from a young age by coaches so that he the correct technique stays with them throughout their career.
One tactic used in rugby is in a line out. The team can organise who will stand where and where the ball will be thrown. This means that they can retain possession of the ball. However if the opposition get there tactics right I will mean they may gain possession of the ball and gain the advantage. Another good tactic in rugby could be picking the biggest people you have so that you are stronger in the scrum. This will also lead to retaining or gaining possession for your
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