Simplicity In The Crucible

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“Looking back, I realize that the books I liked best were simple, unambiguous: good versus bad and right versus wrong with right rewarded and wrong punished, mysteries unraveled and all set right in the end” (Mellix 5).
I have always thought that simplicity was the answer to almost everything. I have noticed many students tying to over complicate something so simple. To me, the answer is not found in the book, but in one’s mind and response. To be truthful, I have also turned something so simple into a ball of confusion. Whenever I need to remind myself about looking at the simple side, I observe the nature around me. The trees turn from green to yellow and yellow to brown. The bees pollinate the flowers in the spring. They simply follow what nature does without questioning how they do things. Simplicity is also in the heart of writing. It is concise, direct, and meaningful to the audience. Long drawn out sentences can leave the audience in confusion, but being simple in one’s writing can leave the audience knowing exactly what the writer wanted to state.
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When I write, I try to put myself in someone else’s shoe. I imagine how they would feel, think, and behave in response to my writing. I try not to be biased in any way. Most of the time I would directly state what I am trying to prove. A good writer uses logos, ethos, and pathos, but also influences their audience in a new way. They capture their attention and leave them with inspiration, knowledge, and creativity. Even if the writing is based off of a template, it can make a piece of writing go a long way. Once the writer knows the basics, they can make they writing unique as an individual and as a whole.
“If I were writing the paper today, I would of course do some things differently” (Mellix
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