Simpsons Negative Effects

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Our research is to talk about a topic that effect on us. While studying this course (communication studies) I really shocked while realizing all that hidden messages around us. So I knew that more being knowledgeable about all signs the more being not control and free.
My subject is about Simpsons which is an animated cartoon includes family that consist of homer is the father he works as safety inspector in nuclear power plant in his land and they shows that he is careless in his job by many jokes he did, his wife name is Marge she is housewife but had a lot of info and she cares about her family and she is stereotypical wife (shows how really wives are), Bart a ten year a quarrelsome and aggressive child he always makes problems to him
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After repeating this scenes it become normal and because there is no supervision and awareness of the family because they thought that it’s just type of normal cartoon (as my uncle’s family thought) has no cons but what they really ignore that the message easily transmitted to the society through these cartoon because of that we see a lot of old watching it till now. Mass media through these programs make a role of controller and they easily can change anything everywhere if they want to. They start effecting children because all that subliminal messages stay in their unconscious and they do what they watch without knowing if it’s wrong or…show more content…
This is not ethically permissible nor religiously because we know where that Muslims and Christian against this marriage. Not from long time the pope said he is against homosexual marriage. So they also through this episode try to normalize that marriage and make it legal. They have the power to control so they have the power to change. Homosexual marriage became popular in America, and when Simpson family as they seen in this picture they were interested in being attending so this proves that the director and the team of writers were with that type of marriage.
In this picture also they show that they are against religion (Christian). “bigger than Jesus”, the title of this book show that they are the controller and not the God, they play the role of jesus and has a dominance on people. And what really they want is to distracte people from going to pray on Sunday and sit at homes to watch the episode, which is planned before to be presented at that

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