9/11 Hidden Message

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Our research is to talk about a topic that effect on us. While studying this course (communication studies) I really shocked while realizing all that hidden messages around us. So I knew that more being knowledgeable about all signs the more being not control and free.
My subject is about Simpsons which is an animated cartoon includes family that consist of homer is the father he works as safety inspector in nuclear power plant in his land and they shows that he is careless in his job by many jokes he did, his wife name is Marge she is housewife but had a lot of info and she cares about her family and she is stereotypical wife (shows how really wives are), Bart a ten year a quarrelsome and aggressive child he always makes problems to him
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The pictures that I will tag it are taken from several episodes and in every picture there is a hidden message that I will explain and talk about it and try to link it with what we taken through the class.
What a shocked picture! Bart predicts 9/11! What a huge hidden message! this scene is from episode take place before 9/11!
In this picture we see Bart buying a magazine which its cover shows a number 9 and behind it there are the two towers that if we read the signs well we will know the hidden message which is a 9/11 the day of the two towers collapse in America and that become an event there the number 9 it’s about the date 9 and 2 towers behind denote the month 11 and the event. Before knowing the connotation I was saying that it’s a normal scene of a cash and a number 9 and the towers behind it’s resemble the city I thought it’s a normal scene.
This is also another scene talk about the collapse of twin tower. Before studying the signs we don’t understand it and know what is the hidden behind these 2
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They critique said that this seen is presented before the spreading of this disease. All that has hidden messages and we should ask how would they know about this virus before it does appear?!should ask how would they know about this virus before it does appear?! But I can say is not hard for America ‘the producing land’ to do like that it’s easy for them to produce and create an event and disease like “Ebola”. They created it and have the cure so they also play a role of controllers; there are a percentage of people they want them to die because of the increase of population. And this cure is their weapon through it they rule the entire world. So America and capitalist uncovered medicine people will be thankful to them and respect
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