Simulated Violence Essay

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Simulated violence is now starting to become a bigger issue in our society. Everyday, people are now starting to wonder if it is now starting to have a bigger impact on kids nowadays. Some kids are missing the last week of school and blowing off last week exams, also they are starting to take it to a whole new level by doing it when cars are in motion in the road.

According to Guy Martin in his article “High-Jinks:Shoot-Out” (2009), “At 10:30 P.M. on a Wednesday, three of the four seniors, armed with walgreens-issue water pistols, stalked out Cohen’s house in a blue Toyota minivan.” (pg. 1). This evidence indicates that there are seniors playing this game the last week of school, when for Seniors that is the week they should be studying for finals and getting their GPA up so they can get accepted to a good college, as well as staying up way too late when they should have more than 8
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Next time when you 're playing this game, think does it give you bad ideas or are you not studying for a test that is an important grade? This could easily be one of you or your peers so remember to keep the violent role playing games a game not a war. If you ever think you have taken a game and turned it violent or to the point where you’re not studying just put the game to the side and go study. I used to play violent role playing games way too often and once I put it to the side my grades had increased. I think for some people that these video games can help people with anger management problems and also they are just fun to play with friends or on your own time. It is just important that we understand that we need to start realizing that our grades are going to be depending our future and that we will also be on the streets in the next one to two years and we need to be making the roads a safer place. These examples demonstrate that we need to start making our society a better
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