Simulation Exercise Case Study Jenny's Dilemma

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The simulation exercise demonstrates the consequences on patients and staff as Jenny, the charge nurse chooses the wrong path on her decisions. Janice acts with less respect towards her patients’ well-being as she refers them as procedures not as their names. As a charge nurse of the department, her behavior exemplifies unprofessionalism to her co-staff and new employee Elise. Patients deserve respect regardless what the circumstance is. If leaders exhibit know how to respect, the followers tend to imitate them. When Janice decides to attend the process improvement meeting with Mr. Haskins, instead of checking on her patient Mrs. Wemberly, then Janice is not putting her patient’s needs . She has to realize that her primary responsibility as a nurse is to care for her patient’s needs. Mr. Haskins may be pleased with her because she made it on time to the meeting but it does not justify her action that she neglects her patient. In the meeting, Mr. Haskins shows unfairness after he considers the physician’s request for private rooms but disregards Jenny’s appeal to reconsider the environmental issue despite its importance. Since Mr. Haskin holds a high position, he must treat his subordinates fairly and equally in order to gain the respect and trust of his employees. However, by letting Mr. Haskin go with his decision, Janice fails to speak up for…show more content…
If leaders put their ethics before the bottom line, their followers will do anything for them. For them to lead their followers with character and integrity, they must set an example because the followers look to them to be their guide. It is what the leaders do, not what they say that demonstrates to followers what they care about. If the organization values the principles of leadership, then leaders have to make sure they do these with people around
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