Essay On Sin And Righteousness

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The rewards of sin and righteousness There is a little spiritual secret I want to share with you. If you want to take it for granted you will pay the price of doing so. This secret has something to do with the reason Jesus urges us to be birthed by God so that we may walk in His righteousness. He urges us to be the children of the Light so that we may overcome all the difficulties of life. There is a spiritual protocol that deals with sin and righteousness. Sin and righteousness are two spiritual lifestyles that are rewarded differently. The kingdom of righteousness rewards righteousness and the kingdom of darkness rewards sin.

When you engage in sin, expect the devil to pay you handsomely for your actions. The same is true, the kingdom of righteousness rewards anyone who walks in the righteousness of God. The devil cannot reward righteousness
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When we repent of any sin, the blood of Jesus is able to purify us once again and make us pure in the eyes of the Lord. Repentance is not the permit to commit more sin, it is a way that brings us back to the righteousness of God.

The reason sin attracts death is that sins chase away the light of God in our lives. When there is no light of God, there is death. The light of God brings blessings to those who abide in righteousness. The blessings of God mean the presence of the Light of God in our lives. When the Light of God is not present in any area of our lives, that area is cursed. Any area that is cursed by God does not have the protection of the light of God. The light of God is the righteousness of God which overcomes the devil.

When the light of God is present in our lives, the devil will run for cover. But the absence of the Light of God in our lives means the devil could come and occupy that space because where there is no light darkness abides. That darkness will bring with it death to our lives or anything that is connected to

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