Sin In The Scarlet Letter

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Sin seems to occur as naturally as breathing due to the human society’s willingness to do it without a conscious effort. Sin is perceived differently by different people. Some little things may be considered sin to some people, while to others it may not be considered sin. The Scarlet Letter contains many different uses of sin and how it affects the people around it. Society is not perfect, so sins will occur no matter what. Depending on the situation the sin could have a major effect or have an infinitesimal effect. Hawthorne exemplified many uses of sin in The Scarlet Letter which made the theme obvious. He showed how sin from one character could cause other character to obtain an even bigger conflict of their own. Society can get influenced…show more content…
As seen by Hester, her ultimate defining sin was her Scarlet Letter, which symbolized the adultery she committed. For Hester, she had no way of planning the events that happened to her because of the sin she committed. “Tomorrow would bring its own trial with it, so would the next day and the next; each day its own trial, and yet the very same that was now so utterlysaby grievous to be borne….She would become a general symbol”(Hawthorne 74). The quote appeals to the reader’s senses because in today’s realm of things, we do not have to think that we are gonna be put in isolation. We also do not wake up everyday and know that the day is gonna be bad just because of something that occurred in the past. Hester had to deal with everyday being a constant fight with society, so she could try and get them to forgive her. She was figuratively at war(Man/Women vs. Society) with herself and the people that surrounded her and were in her society. Hester, to society, literally symbolized someone who was to be resented, to be exiled, and to basically not even be considered a human anymore. Hester not only was exiled in people’s thoughts, people took physical action to show their disgust and hatred towards her. “Behold, verily the women of the Scarlet Letter, and of the truth of moreover there is a likeness of the Scarlet Letter, running along by her side come therefore, and let us fling mud at them”(Hawthorne 90). This quote shows that the kids were taught that she was a bad person because she committed adultery. The parents instilled in the little kids minds that she should not be allowed to be a part of their society. The kids took it in their own hands to show the hatred because they were taught that she was an extremely bad
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