Sin Pais Thesis

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The “Sin Pais” video details the story of the Mejia family, who is shown experiencing the deportation of their mother and father back to their native country of Guatemala. It mainly focuses on Helen and Gilbert, the eldest two children of the Mejia’s. Due to their parents’ deportation, Helen and Gilbert experience more stress because of the added responsibilities they now face. Gilbert will need to take care of Helen from now on, although he will have additional help from family members, he will be the primary source of support for his sister. Not only that, but he now has to make an appeal for citizenship to remain in the United States with his sister. While Helen needs to make sure her grades stay up as she has the constant threat of being told she can no longer live in the United States if they fall below her parents’ expectations. In turn, this stress will have an effect on their emotional development, more so Helen than Gilbert because of the age they experiencing this trauma. Gilbert will still see that he needs to mature, especially emotionally, in order to take care of himself and his sister. He will need to see this situation as something not only he himself is going through, but also something Helen is…show more content…
The most common source of this attention due to media and politicians who see this issue as an epidemic to the economy due to their belief that these immigrants are taking jobs from American citizens. Take Donald Trump, who is advocating the construction of a wall on the border between Mexico and the United States to keep immigrates out. The underlying cause for the thinking process of these politicians as well as the public in general is racism. As it may very well be the case that the Immigration Agents that stormed the Mejia’s house were tipped off by some who rather the family not be in the United States at
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