Sinaloa Research Paper

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Sinaloa mazatlán méxico is one of my favorite because it is a place to take your family. This place is a relaxing place they have many beaches where you can play with your family and do many things and not worry about something happening. The food they sell is mostly sea food they are popular because of the seafood they seal. Seafood is one of the things they sell comes from a nearby ocean and every day they take them out. They have the best Spanish music when people go they hear lots of bands. There is one band that is originally from sinaloa mazatlan and it is “band recodo". This band is popular and born in that city.There are many bands born there because it started to grow there. People visit this place to fish and they do not care if they pay because this is a nice place people from different cities visit. In this city they make…show more content…
In the early times they use to supported the communities by fishing and hunting. When the Spanish conquest sinaloa use to be called “Chamelta”. In 1560 people from mazatlan found gold and silver surrounding the place. Mazatlan in the biggest city of drugs. In the early 1600s they use to speak English, Spanish, and even French because everyone wanted to get the treasure that was around sinaloa. In 1829 Mexico use to trade with Philippines and to other countries like Asia, Germany, Chile, and Peru. “In spite of the economic and political ascendancy of culiacan in the 20th century many continue to consider the part to be the true cultural and spiritual capital of the state.” When time was passing by the French was kicked out in 1868 out of Mexico and then the British started to come in they were here to bring different thing to Mexico and also they started to look for treasure.”sinaloa played a major role in the Mexican revolution and was both the site of important military engagement and staging ground for the constitutionalist and march south along the pacific coast towards Mexico
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