Sinar Mas Group Case Study

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International business is business whose the activities go beyond the national borders. The core definition not only includes international trade, but also a growing service industry in such areas as transport, tourism, banking, advertising, construction, retail trade, major trade and mass communication. According to Griffin and Pustay (2012) ,International Business covers business transactions between parties of more than one country. Sinar Mas Group is one of the largest conglomerates in Indonesia. The company was formed in 1962 and has many subsidiaries such as Asia Pulp & Paper. Sinar Mas 's involvement in the pulp and paper industry began in 1967 with the founding of PT Indah Kiat who initially produce chemicals for industrial use paper. Furthermore, the company also began producing paper, even though it was still in a limited capacity. PT Indah Kiat Pulp & Paper was established in the Republic of Indonesia under the framework of the Foreign Capital Investment Law No. 1 of 1967, based on the Notarial Deed Of Ridwan Suselo No.68 dated December 7, 1967 under the name CV. Berkat. The company have their own vision and mission. The vision is become a leading and respected global pulp and paper company that provides superior values to customer, community, employees, and shareholders-responsibility and sustainably. The mission are to increase global market share, use cutting edge technology in the development of new products and achievement of mill efficiency, to improve the

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