Sinclair The Jungle Analysis

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Is Food Becoming More Dangerous? Welcome to “The Jungle” (Sinclair 352-355) of sustenance! Is the food that people consume becoming more dangerous? Do you ever think about what is in the food we eat? What chemicals or extra things that enhance our foods? Why are our foods making us unhealthy? Some issues Sinclair includes in “The Jungle” (Sinclair 352-355) are chemical additives that are being used in foods to enhance flavor (taste), and fast food chains are making their food portions bigger which may cause more people to be unhealthy. Importantly, chemicals are being used in foods to enhance flavor (taste). The flavor industries are highly secretive and will not reveal the formulas to their clients. Flavor companies are located everywhere from New Jersey to Germany. Interestingly, flavors are many mixtures of volatile chemicals in which a single compound often supplies the dominant aroma. Different types of flavors or seasonings may be an addition in various foods that may be natural or artificial additives. Therefore, many mixtures form to help enhance flavors. The substances that are used to create the combinations are highly complicated. For example, some chemicals used in a…show more content…
Therefore, fast food, if consumed frequently may make people unfit and unhealthy. People are gaining weight from eating a lot of fast food which causes them to be unhealthy. The increase of sugar and fats in the food may be harmful to an individual’s health. In turn, this can make a person unfit due to sedentary lifestyles and an increase in portion sizes. Having the option to make the food bigger is causing people to become overweight and may cause more health issues. McDonald’s menu is one example of oversizing food portions, and for just a couple cents more you can have your meal become a super-sized
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