Sinclair, Upton: Summary

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Sinclair, Upton. The Jungle. Cambridge, Massachusetts 1971
Summary: In the early 1900s, many immigrants traveled to the U.S. in order to complete the American dream. That dream was to have a successful life in the land, America by having a good job, nice house, and having a happy family ,but sometimes it didn’t always turn out to be a good outcome. For Jurgis and his family, it was more like the American nightmare. They are all immigrants who come to America, they are scammed by some scammers and all of their money is gone and this is just the start of the nightmare. The place where this family lives is in Packingtown, and it’s one of the worst cities to live in due to their bad conditions. The environment was horrible and it was just an
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This act was passed in 1906 in America. This act was presented in this book, but before it was passed. Before the act was passed many types meat, which people ate was infected with all these kind of disease. Many dead animals got inside the elements and the workers didn’t care and they carried on with their jobs. This did lead to many deaths as it also features in the book that someone does end up dying due to the food poising.
Issues: It was the Progressive Era and that was when many immigrants came to the United States to find jobs ,but some struggled to do so. Some immigrants did find jobs ,yet they weren’t the best jobs to have. For example, in the story, Ona does manage do get a job ,but she has to do something if she wants to keep it. She has to do favors for the boss and if she doesn’t follow his orders she is fired. This situation happened a lot back then and there wasn’t anything they could do. The working conditions in the slaughterhouse was an issue too. The working conditions were just horrible. Dead rats and insects all around the working area. The smell of dead animals was a hazard for workers that went in every day. The workers did not wear gloves when they worked with the meat so the even ran the risk o9f the cutting themselves a finger or an arm due how dangerous it
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