Sindhi Society In The 21st Century

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This paper answers the question “How do you perceive the problems and issues that prevail within Sindhi society in the 21st century”. This paper is a reflection of the key issues that the Sindhi society faces today. Although Sindh has immense potential for development, it is entangled with a huge number of problems and issues which are not only important but also pivotal for the development of Sindhi society. Improper health services, improper education system, corruption, poverty, declining food security, religious/ethnic/gender discrimination, class struggle and misuse of feudalism, water, drainage and sanitation issues are all the problems which Sindhi society faces today. Although this paper identifies all these issues, it is mainly focused…show more content…
The capital of Sindh is Karachi, which is also the largest city of the province. Sindh is one of the most culturally rich provinces of Pakistan. With its rich cultural and historical heritage Sindh has a great potential for further development in many aspects. Sindh is bestowed with flowing rivers, fertile agricultural land, beautiful mountains and most importantly a rich cultural heritage. It has been seen; in Sindh’s history that Sindh has not only been a source of livelihood for its own people but also for its neighbors. Irrespective of these realities, Sindhi society today, is a victim of many serious problems and issues. These problems have varied origins and thus, they root from different sources, which include education, economy, politics, food security etc. Such basic and immensely important problems and issues prevail in the Sindhi society, even today i.e. in the 21st century. The Sindhi society faces a lot of issues and problems, which include; lack of proper healthcare, improper education system, corruption, unemployment, poverty, declining food security, water, drainage and sanitation issues, religious/ethnic/gender discrimination, feudalism, class struggle etc. Although these problems stem from different areas, there still exists a link between all of…show more content…
Police corruption is one of the kinds of corruption that exists in the Sindhi society today. It is basically the misconduct of police i.e. when they misuse their power and their position to gain personal benefits which may be economic gains. Bribery is a common practice in Sindhi society today; it is practiced by police when they want to avoid recording a crime. Furthermore, in the Sindhi society, it is seen that police tend to favor influential people rather than punish them when they are violating the rules and regulations. Such acts can also be categorized as corruption. Judicial corruption is another form of corruption; it denies justice and makes bias

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