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ADVERTISING INDUSTRY is one of the most important phenomenon of a business world. It seems like simple, but full of paradox. Sine advertising plays a role as a mass media that influence or has a power in our society. It is a one type of communication that attempt to convince or stimulate customer to consumption or use the service. Including making the brands or products be known more than competitive. And it can convince people or motivate people for some acts for doing something and getting some supports. The most frequently used media are newspapers, magazines, billboards, hoardings, TVs, radios, internet, mobile websites, etc. Advertising was not just begin in the period of newspapers or TVs but it has begin since Greek and Roman period. In the beginning Period of the Greek Empire Roman, the earliest and oldest that been know advertising evidence, may have been the Babylonians ' clay on 3,000 BC. The inscription on the clay to the media instead of cream vendors, writers. And a shoemaker (Lane, King, & Russell, 2008). The first type of advertising is The using of announcers and peddlers is advertised by the announcer. Announced to trade the slave animals. Later, the plate is made of stone…show more content…
The history of advertising in Thailand is not clear. In ancient times, they had to shout on the streets to sell products to customers. Print media was the first mass media . In the first reign of King Rama I in 1796. In the early days, there was no picture in the news. With the beginning of the reign of King Rama V, where he found advertisements in daily newspaper called Siam Daily Advertiser. In the reign of King Rama VI, His Royal Highness Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn. He established the Department of Railways advertising department. The examples are from the British Railways advertising campaign in Thailand. The first advertising company was Siam Advertising Co., Ltd., operates as a local advertising agency. It is the origin of the advertising business in the present

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