Singapore Airlines Executive Summary

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The present study is based on conducting the marketing audit of Singapore Airlines Limited. The company is one of the main flag carrier airlines of the Singapore that offer services in more than 64 destinations. Further, macro and micro environmental analysis of the company has been carried out with the help of SWOT analysis and PESTLE. Through applicability of these models, it has been identified what are the main challenges present in the external environment of the business along with its internal strengths and weaknesses. It has been identified that internal strengths of the company are effective enough in overcoming its weaknesses and it can surely assist Singapore airlines in grabbing the opportunities that are present
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The company was founded in the year 1947 and with the rise in demand for airline services the company expanded its business worldwide so as to serve a large number of customers. The company has 25 years of experience in the field of the aviation sector, and this contributes a lot in satisfying need of the different type of customers (Heracleous and Wirtz, 2014). Over the last few years, Singapore airlines have grown from the regional airline into the world’s leading cargo and passenger carrier (Fan and Lingblad, 2016). The fleet size of Singapore airlines is 112, and the company hires staff members of 24,574. This represents that Singapore airlines is carrying out all its operations on the wider basis.
The present study is based on marketing audit of Singapore airlines where micro and macro analysis of the company has been carried out through applicability of different models. Micro environmental analysis has been conducted through Swot and macro through PESTLE. Apart from this, the competitors of the Singapore airlines has been identified in order to identify whether the company is performing efficiently as compared with its competitors or not. Moreover, the report also focuses on the strategic priorities of Singapore airlines on the basis of the current situation of the
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The economy of Singapore is regarded as the free market economy, and it is developing at a very high rate. In the ASEAN region, the per capita of the nation is highest, and there is no such corruption present in Singapore. So, this is quite advantageous for Singapore airlines. Singapore is regarded to be one of the most competitive countries where highly motivated and educated workforce is present. This contributes a lot in carrying out the business operations. Apart from this, the government of Singapore invests a lot in diversifying the economy, and political parties play the most active role in the development of the economy (PESTLE Analysis of Singapore, 2017). So, with the help of this it can be clearly stated that economic factor is quite favourable in case of Singapore airlines where the sound economy system of the nation has acted as the development tool for the business. No such economic fluctuations are present in the nation that adversely affects the performance of the organization, and this is the main reason due to which Singapore airlines are able to earn higher profits and revenue by conducting overall operations in the market. However, some constraints regarding the economic performance of Singapore are present that takes into consideration rise in the labour cost, labour shortage and decline in the level of
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