Singapore Airlines Leadership Analysis

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There is a lot of airlines which are successful all through history but there are some which could not reach the goal. The most remarkable sample would be Singapore Airlines and American Trans Air (ATA Airlines). Singapore Airlines is reckoned by airlines industry, tourist and also its rival. It is one of the best among the airlines industry, according to various industry honour had been given. It is constantly better than its competitors in profitability (Chan 2000, 460). On the other hand, ATA Airlines filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in 2004 for the first time and faced bankruptcy for the second time in 2008 after being bought by Southwest Airlines (O'Malley 2008, 30). This essay is discussing about two airlines of how to manage…show more content…
An effective leader is can influence the staff with its personal qualities that include power, persuasion, influence, communication and personality (Waddell, Jones, George 2011, 11). The chief executive officers of Singapore Airlines, Chew Choon Seng allows his staffs talk in free-wheeling without the relationship between superiors and subordinates in the meeting because he emphasizes on cheerful communication among them which can promote teamwork and achieve the target (Argenti and Forman 2002, 144). CEO of Singapore Airlines, Chew Choon Seng led the organization to make the profit of 72% more than the previous fiscal year (Singapore Airlines 2008, 28). Besides that, CEO of Singapore Airlines, Chew Choon Seng had discovered that the demand for flight tickets continue to reduce through the first part of the year, so he convinced his staff to reduce the salary to continue the operations of organization and he even cuts his salary by 20% at the first (Downturn Hits Airlines 2009, 5). In contrast, ATA Airlines is managed by several chief executive officers and the most remarkable one is George Mikelsons who founded cost-cutting and the last CEO before bought by Southwest Airlines (Peter 1994, 1). CEO of ATA Airlines, George Mikelsons was unable to find the solution after having a loss in the first-quarter, which is $64.7 million loss and a…show more content…
Managers have to determine the target that the organization needs to pursue, the target like responsiveness, productivity and quality to passengers (Waddell, Jones, George 2011, 11). Manager of Singapore Airlines, Tan Kai Ping did not take a gamble by dropping the price of the flight ticket to compete with other airlines in order to maintain the profit (Valisno 2006, 1). Besides that, the general manager of Singapore Airlines evaluated that the demand for flight is continuing to increase, so he decides to launch an Airbus A380 on the daily route to Auckland and this will provide an extra 45 million in tourism (New Zealand 2014, 8). On the other hand, ATA airlines sold many seats at low fares to attract customers, however the number of tickets sold did not go into their plan (Koch 1999,1). Apart from this, the manager of ATA Airlines failed to estimate the demand for flight will increase in future, so the manager reduces the capacity of the organization because of having the loss for a long time (United State Department of Transportation 2005). Therefore, the vision of manager of Singapore Airlines is very well, he can successfully evaluate the demand for flight and make a correct decision to help the organization make more profit. However, the manager of ATA Airlines in order to maintain profit of organization and failed to estimate the income

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