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Background On the 28th of January 1972, Singapore had established an airline and it was called Singapore Airlines. They were labeled as the flag carrier of Singapore, a truly proud establishment for Singapore. Not only is this airline successful in Singapore, but it is also very successful worldwide. It has been one of the most leading airlines of the century, because Singapore Airlines has been a trendsetter for other airlines or a role model to other airlines. They were mostly first in everything before other airlines replicated their actions. They were the first airlines who had offered headsets for inflight movies, meal and drinks for every short or long flight and they have the best seating. From economy to even first class, all are…show more content…
Each of the 7 countries in UAE, has their own individual organization making them very flexible as of the government in Singapore is very controlled and far from the word ‘flexible.’ UAE, has also undergone a lot of political conflicts differ from Singapore who has a minimal amount. Singapore Airlines need to be able to adapt to the country’s situation in order for the company to minimize the amount of loss financially, for both parties (the country and the airlines…show more content…
Threat of New Entrants: Threat of new entrants for Singapore Airlines is weak. Since Singapore Airlines is a government owned airlines, they have lots of advantage. Singapore Airlines has by far a huge amount of capital outlay, Besides that Singapore Airlines has received multi awards for almost everything, known worldwide, and provides great service to their passengers. Singapore Airlines has dominated the aircraft world for long haul passengers, making new entrants hard to compete with what Singapore Airlines has to offer. The Intensity of rivalry: The intensity of rivalry for Singapore Airlines is always fluctuating from low to high. In an airline industry, these rivalries are usually because of a route-by-route basis. A route-by-route basis is defined, as routes that are made suitably for an airplane to fly and by this rivalry becomes very tight because of a well-serviced route an airline has. Singapore Airlines on the other hand differs from their rivalries, Singapore Airline has received awards for exceptional performances on their

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